Somewhere in 1978, while Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat worked on sections of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, which later become the small working town of Eilat at the end of the state, Israel’s leading tourist city, at the expense of Ophira, which was returned as part of the tourist town Sinai surfaces. So, in those days, he walked the streets of defects Bendahan Eilat little late and decided to open a falafel stand, which raised the family, and the woman beside him, Bathsheba.

The uniqueness of the new family falafel center Solel Boneh heart of the city, was mainly taste and generosity … The family filed diners pita empty and they played it at their own convenience. The name ‘big heart’, believe it or not, choose the townspeople, falafel customers, who acted there in its early years. It is determined where the business is going ahead today.

Momi died in 2006, father and business executives since his sons, Amit and Tzachi, family members give them the necessary to preserve the home front veteran brand, opened its heart to everyone at large.

צרו קשר

מסעדת ‘הלב הרחב’ נפתחה כבר בשנת בשנת 1978, ייחודו של המקום בטעמו הייחודי ובמגוון הרחב והנדיב העומד לרשות הסועדים, שכבר בשנה הראשונה להיווסדו הם אלו שבחרו למקום את שמו ‘הלב הרחב’.